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René Kristensen, MSc
Associate professor

My name is René Kristensen and I am an Associate professor and educational advisor at the University College Lillebelt, a centre for education and training of teachers and social workers in Denmark.

I have a Masters of Science education in Systemic Leadership and Organizational Studies from Bedfordshire University/KCCF in London.

Some Keywords for my frames of work could be:

  • Systemic Work, Appriciative Inquiry, Constructivism, Social Constructionism (Gregory Bateson, Maturana, Peter Lang, Michael White, Karl Tomm, Barnett Pearce, Ken Gergen,Wittgenstein)
  • Self esteem, Confidence (Jesper Juul, Helle Jensen)
  • Selfobject psychology ( Kohut, Jan Toennesvang (”). I’ve joined a network with Jan working for 10 years with these themes in order to explore and embed this area in a pedagogical perspective in Denmark.
  • Multiple Intelligence and strength work (positive psychology) (Howard Gardner, Thomas Armstrong, Martin Seligman, Hans Henrik Knoop).
  • Cognitive themes, memory problems, Attention deficits, Learning styles, Brain damages. (A. Damasio, Sohlberg & Mateer).

I have published more than 35 articles, books, DVD’s and other materials for teachers and pedagogues and I am part of the editor group at a Danish Magazine called Cognition & Pedagogy. Universities and University Colleges are the target groups.

In April 2011 I have published a book and some rather unique material called PUMA designed to work within a social constructionist frame with inclusion and appreciative ways of teaching together with the students, who are challenged in the schools.

The municipality of Silkeborg; Denmark; have used this material in a project about inclusion of challenging kids in schools. They actually ordered the material for every teacher and pedagogue in the whole municipality!

In september 2013 I am going to present PUMA in Finland (Suomi) for a large group of teachers and pedagogues from all the Nordic countries. I am looking very much forward to sharing the ideas with such an international group and see if they find it interesting to work with in other countries.


If you’re looking for Contacts in Denmark within the area of Special Education, I might be able to help you find the right persons.

I have published to this day 36 articles, books and DVD’s and developed a lot of Conferences within the pedagogical area.

I have been working as a translator and editor from English to Danish as well.

Kind regards

René Kristensen, Associate Professor at University College Lillebelt, Denmark

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